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The LowCostClub helps you find and book cheap flights. We have information on more than 700 international airlines. Therefore, whether you are looking for cheap flights to the United States, or to other destinations, we can help you find the best rates. We also offer information through ticket booking agencies and cover more than 200 countries.

Just type in information such as destination and point of origin, and the flights that offer cheap rates will be displayed. You can look for cheap one way flights, or a round trip. You can also look for flights based on how long you plan to stay at a particular place.

We offer several ways to ensure that you get to find ticketing prices that suit your budget. First, we offer information about the round trip, so that booking with the same airline can save you money. If you are not in a hurry, you can look for transfer flights rather than a direct flight. We also offer information on flight ticket costs seasonally, so you can plan in advance and book a ticket for the off peak season, thus saving money.

Cheap flights can be found with economy class tickets; however, you would also be able to look up business class flights, if you would so prefer, using this service. Our flight search tool is free to use. Additionally, you might want to offer information, if traveling in a group, about the numbers of people traveling with you. if you are traveling with children up to 12 years of age, you might find more discounts on tickets.